Factoring is the obvious choice in many situations

Growth demands liquidity

Companies experiencing a strong growth are often not able to realize their full growth potential due to lack of working capital.

A working relationship with Midt Factoring gives you the possibility of a financial utilization of the debtor portfolio, which completely follows the activity level in the company. Thereby, further working capital is released which can support the growth.

Export requires knowledge of local financial conditions

When a company attacks new markets, a requirement for knowledge of trade and payments terms occurs. Often there is a need to be able to correspond in other languages than English and German.

Midt Factoring has major experience with the trading patterns in most export markets. When you outsource your accounts receivable, you achieve the same profound knowledge as a company with many years’ experience with the market concerned. At the same time, you get the possibility to eliminate any currency hedging risks.

The accounts department also has to function during holidays and illness

Many companies are administratively vulnerable to major seasonal fluctuations, illness, resignations, maternity leaves etc.

With Midt Factoring as business partner, you are sure that the required capacity is always available to solve the administrative tasks concerning your debtors without delay.

New ownership may require additional capital

In connection with generational handover and change of ownership there may be a requirement to raise additional capital to be able to establish a lasting, viable foundation for the company’s future. With a working relationship with Midt Factoring, the company’s debtor portfolio can form the basis for a long-term financial structure in the company.

Reconstruction, suspension of payments or bankruptcy

Unfortunately, not all companies have the ability to survive – from time to time businesses go bankrupt and major values are at risk of being lost.

Midt Factoring has extensive experience with reconstructions where businesses are reestablished, and values and jobs maintained.


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