Risk management

Midt Factoring offers a wide range of services which all help to reduce the risks of our clients.

Credit rating and customer details

We have direct access to a number of business databases both in Denmark and abroad and therefore we are able quickly to obtain accurate information about the capital situation and solvency of your debtors.

You can insure yourself against losses on your debtors

What is risk protection?

Risk protection entails an assessment and hedging of the credit risk which is always involved when trading with your customers on credit. Midt Factoring can offer to cover this risk. Risk protection is best compared to credit insurance.

We ensure a credit assessment of the individual debtor, and you are informed of the maximum cover, we can offer. We monitor the current balance of the customers included in the risk protection agreement, and you will be notified if an adjustment of the credit maximum of a customer is required. At the same time, we monitor the financial situation of your debtors, and you are informed if significant changes occur.

We cover up to 90%

When one of your customers is covered by risk protection, we cover 90 % of your outstanding account – provided of course that credit maximum has not been exceeded. An agreement on risk protection may include all your customers or a part of your customer portfolio by further agreement.

Avoid currency risk when you trade abroad

With currency hedging it is simpler to trade with customers abroad, as the trading can be effected in the customer’s local currency, and you are paid in Danish Kroner. By invoicing in the customer’s currency, you will be equal to a domestic supplier, because the customer is in a better position to compare prices. This means competitive advantages and increased export turnover.

When the currency exchange risk is covered by Midt Factoring, you do not have to worry about the currency exchange rate development. We ensure ongoing currency hedging of your invoices in foreign currency.


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